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Becky, born in the UK, started playing football in 2013 in Brisbane, Australia, for the Kenmore Panthers. When she moved back to the UK to study in 2015, she joined the Teesside Steelers for 2 seasons, then moved south post-studies where she joined the Hertfordshire Tornadoes 2016-2019. She has played for the Great Britain Women’s National Team since 2015.

Becky moved to Finland in January 2020 to play for the Kotka Eagles and gain experience playing an 11-a-side season, as the UK Women’s league is only 7-a-side at present.

She joined the team through her Eagles teammate, Essi Söderholm, who worked with the company at the time.


How have you trained remotely from the team? 

Our Defensive Coordinator has provided weekly workouts for us to do, either in small numbers (spaced apart) or on our own. He has also provided many videos on our playbook, talking through our assignments and reviewing plays from previous seasons or other teams. 

How does it feel to be without a team? 

I think we have adapted really well to our new ‘virtual learning’ and have taken it upon ourselves to become better football players, and better teammates, while being apart. Being from the UK, I am very thankful that our season could still go ahead, and that we are not in such a severe “lockdown”, as no sport activity is permitted in the UK at the moment. Just being able to workout on a field is something I’m not taking for granted! 

What do you miss most about your team?

I only moved to Kotka in January, so I’m missing being able to continue building connections with my teammates on and off the field. Coming from overseas to play football means that my teammates are the main group of people I will get to know while in Finland, so I am really hopeful for normal training to resume!

Are there certain skills where you have develop now during the spring?

I’m taking this time to work on improving my endurance, increasing my strength, and gaining a greater understanding of football in general. This will be my first season of full 11-on-11 football, so I have to be ready both physically and mentally! 

What have you done about it?

As mentioned before, I’ve been doing the conditioning workouts given to us by our coach, as well as doing my own training in the gym. I’ve also been learning multiple positions so I can know as much as possible on the field. 

What event were you most looking forward to in the spring?

I was looking forward to the Vappu holiday, because it is unique to Finland and something I haven’t experienced before! Travelling overseas for football means I get to experience different cultures, so I was keen to see what Vappu was all about while getting to know my teammates more. 

Why is jefu suitable for everyone?

Jefu has such a range of playing positions, that it really lends itself to any person wanting to play. There is no “too big” or “too small”, and you don’t need prior experience with Jefu or any other sport! It’s a sport that just needs everyone to do their job, each play, for the team to succeed in the long term. Even if you join on the field, there are opportunities to learn coaching, refereeing, or sports team management. The only thing stopping you from getting involved is yourself! 

What kind of greetings would you send to the Jefu community?

To those already involved in teams – use this unusual time to make yourselves and team better than before, and good luck for the season/future seasons.  To those not involved in Jefu yet – what are you waiting for?



Kotka Eagles, and employee


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